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Puzzling engraved dual color sheet hdpe

Writer:Ivy wangSource:Dezhou Shengtong Number of visits: Date:2016-10-25 10:58

Puzzling engraved dual color sheet hdpe

   In 2016 our dual color hdpe plastic sheet sales is still growing very stronly.Customers from UK  show more and more

interest in ordering large quantity hdpe dual color sheet.

   SHEET HDPE dual color is a puzzling engineering plastic sheet.Because it is easily routed or engraved using current

CNC router technology.When the skin of the polyethylene material is removed by the router,the inside color shows

through and voila,a sign is easily fabricated with minimum finishing requirements.Because the color is embedded into

the sheet,so the color never fades.So it is a perfect signage  material.


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