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Writer:Ivy wangNumber of visits: Date:2016-10-25 14:35

HDPE or UHMW,who won the market?

In engineering plastics world,there are two kinds of material--hdpe and uhwm.They have same appearance,many same physical properties,are really twins-like.

First,they are both good engineering plastics,chemical resistance,water proof,same Shore hardness,very good self-lubrication,excellent impact porperties.
Second,they are both can be easily machined,welded.

But,if you know more of them,you may know they are still different in many aspects.
HDPE is cheaper.
HDPE has many style,dual color hdpe plastic sheet,textured hdpe sheet..
Mould pressing hdpe has same properties with uhmwpe...

They we can say,wow,HDPE,you are our first choice!

Wait pls! Let me introduce SHENGTONG UHMW to you.

Uhmw polyethylene sheet has 3.0-9.0 molecular weight,UHMWPE is a type of polyolefin. It is made up of extremely long chains of polyethylene,the long chain serves to transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone by a strengthening intermolecular interactions.This results in a very tough material,with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.

So,we know,uhmw is better than hdpe in these properties:Wear resistance,impact resistance.
Then we  can choose it for  Natural Virgin UHMW-PE
Chute and hopper linings (flow promotion)
Bulk storage
Material handling
Mechanical bearing parts
Wear parts
Food machinery equipment  
Fender grade
Wear plates where dock meets pillage
Bushings for pivots

Shengtong plastics company is a leading manufacture of hdpe and uhmw engineering plastics .We hope to work with friends all over the world. Contact


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