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"Temporary Ground Protection Mats" based on "Road Protection Solution"

    SHENGTONG® Temporary Ground Protection mat is made of UHMW-PE material, has excellent bending strength and tensile strength. It is a light weight product and easy to install and move. Its high friction-resistant protect the machine from damage wether in rainy or snowy day, it is the greatful help for the muddy road and marsh road construction, its non-slip processed surface prevent tyre slippage and save expensive replacement costs,and even keep the ground from large vehickes, so you completely do not need to worry for the vehicle into the bunker, mud, swamp etc. It is also could protect the ground, grass or your golf court.

    Temporary access roadway is a natural shock absorber , reducing fatigue on the ground and your beautiful lawn, and it also could effect on the manpower and equipment.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to wash off
  • Excellent bending strength
  • Good chemical resistance,corrosion-resistant

    SHENGTONG® ground protection mats have two classifies: GroundMat1 and GroundMat2. The difference between the two classifies is the traction suface. GroundMat1 has traction on both sides and the GroundMat2 has single surface traction. Because of this design, you could choose a suitable one for your application.

GroundMat1: A flat, slip-resistant tread on both sides, you could choose it for aerial lifts, bucket trucks, digger derricks, POV'S, trailers, muddy ground construction and other equipment requiring ground protection and/or traction.

GroundMat2: A flat, slip-resistant tread design on single side, and you could choose it for golf course, landscaping maintaince,  wheel barrows, Dolly's, POV'S, walking paths, cehicle parking area, portable restrooms etc.

You could choose the size from the following tables or tell me what size you need, it could be customized.

Product W X L
ST48 4'x 8'
ST38 3'x 8'
ST36 3'x 6'
ST28 2'x 6'

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