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uhmwpe plate




Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW) is a subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene.

Other name high-modulus polyethylene(HMPE)high-performance polyethylene (HPPE),PE300,PE500,PE1000,PE-uhmw

Plastic sheet made by UHMWPE has a molecular weight 1-10 million g/mol,30times higher than HDPE sheet,with a excellent wear resistance and impact resistanct property.



Thickness 2-200mm
Standard size 





Custom size & Shape On demand 






1:Excellent wear resistance of uhmwpe plate:

   6-7 times of ordinary carbon steel,suitable for making

   wear resistancemachinery parts and liner sheet.

2:Impact resistance:4-5 times of the ABS

3:Superior self-lubrication:

   Widely used as liner of coal bunker,chute,truck etc

4:Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance:

   Acid,Alkali,Salt resistance,applied in chemical field.

5:Non-toxic:in accordance with FDA/USDA standard

6:Excellent low temperature resistance:Won't break in -180°c environment



Data sheet


Property Item Result
Physical property Denstiy 0.96-1.0g/cm3
Water absorption <0.01%
Chemical stability Excellent
Coefficient of friction 0.05-0.11
Mechanical property Shore hardness 60-80
Tensile strength 3-3.5 GPa
Impact resistance  Excellent
Thermal property Fire resistance  Excellent
Solftening point  107-200 JIS.K 7121




Product photo

uhmwpe (14).jpg


uhmwpe (15).jpg


uhmwpe (17).jpg




high density pe sheet (26).jpg


high density pe sheet (30).jpg


Welcome to view more photos of uhmwpe sheet at ""





Product Uses

uhmwpe applications.jpg

              Crane pad                      Dumper truck  liner sheet             Bunker liner sheet               Temporary road ways

upe cutting board _12.jpg

              Marine fender                            Synthetic ice                          FDA chopping board                  Machinery parts



Applications Advantages
UHMWPE crane pad Heavy loading,Light weight,Non-broken
UHMWPE dumper truck liner sheet  Wear resisting,Self-lubrication and flow promoting
UHMWPE bunker liner sheet  Wear resisting,Self-lubrication and flow promoting
UHMWPE temporary road ways Wear resisting,Anti-slip,Light weight,Excellent tensile strength
UHMWPE marine fender  Wear resisting,Chemical resisting,Impact resisting,energy absorbing 
UHMWPE synthetic ice sheet  Wear resisting,self-lubrication,feels like true ice 
UHMWPE chopping board  Wear resisting,FDA standards,Antibiosis
UHMWPE machinery parts Wear resisting,Self-lubrication,chemical resisting


 Contact us to customize products by UHMWPE sheet info(at)





 1,What color of uhmwpe plate could you offer 

    We could produce White,Black,Blue,Green,Red,Orange,Yellow and other custom color 


 2,Could you produce custom property uhmwpe plate like anti-uv,anti-flame,anti-static etc 

    Yes,we could produce special-property sheet 


 3,How is your payment term

    We accept 30% deposit and balance payment before shipment 


 4,How many grades could you produce 

    For different application,we could produce UHMWPE sheet with

    molecular weight (g/mol) 1.0million,3.0million,5.0million and 10.0 million 


 5,How is your productivity and lead time 

    We could finish 20tons UHMWPE sheet per day,around 350pcs of 1220*2440*20mm thick

    Lead time 5-7 days or within 3 days if we have stock 


 6,Where is your nearest exporting port 

    We are near to Qingdao,China,other port like Tianjin,Shanghai,etc as request 


 7,Do you have cnc machines for processing ?

    Yes,we have several CNC machines with max size 2*8meters for processing


 8,When did you begin your international business 

    We began our international business since 2008 


 9,Could we get a free sample from your company for confirming the quality ?

    Yes,we could prepare free samples with size 100*100mm or 150*150mm.




About us

                                                                                            <Company Overview>initpintu_11.jpg



uhmwpe package.jpg



                                                                 <Package & Shipment>

uhmwpe shipment.jpg



                                                   <Ralitive products-UHMWPE products>

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 Dezhou Shengtong Rubber & Plastic Co.,Ltd.

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 Tel:86-534-5080890  Mob:86-15069223454

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