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  • NAME: UHMWPE crane outrigger pad/outrigger mat/ UHMWPE crane outrigger pad
  • NO.: CP003
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UHMWPE crane outrigger pad/outrigger mat/ UHMWPE crane outrigger pad 



    CRANE OUTRIGGER PAD is made by PE material,was warmly welcomed by crane machine usersall over many countries.

    Special anti-skid treatment on surface,guarantee the safety of people and crane in use

    Excellent wear resisting and impact resisting,longer service life time than steel pad and wooden pad.

    Lower density and lighter weight than other material,easy to be used and moved

    Excellent compressive property,could avoid damages to floor by heavy load

    Compressive loads upto one million pounds

    Upto 15,000 pounds per square foo

    Good self cleaning property,the temperature range:-150°C to 85°C

    Low water absorption,the size will not change because of the humid environment.



Square Outrigger Pad Round Outrigger Pad 
    Common size  Loading capacity for crane feed  Common size Loading capacity for crane feed
300*300*40mm 3-5  tons 300*40mm  2-6 tons
400*400*40mm 4-6  tons 400*40mm  3-7 tons
400*400*50mm 6-10  tons 500*40mm 4-8 tons
500*500*40mm 10-12 tons 500*50mm 8-12 tons
500*500*50mm 12-15 tons 600*40mm 10-14 tons
500*500*60mm 13-17 tons 600*50mm

12-15 tons

600*600*40mm 15-18 tons 600*60mm 15-20 tons
600*600*50mm 16-20 tons 700*50mm 22-30 tons
600*600*60mm 18-25 tons 700*60mm 25-32 tons
700*700*60mm 25-35 tons 700*70mm

30-35 tons

800*800*70mm 30-45 tons 800*70mm

40-50 tons

1000*1000*80mm 50-70 tons 1000*80mm 45-60 tons
1200*1200*100mm 60-100 tons 1200*100mm 50-90 tons
1500*1500*100mm 120-180 tons 1500*100mm 80-150 tons



 Customized size and shape on demand


The color of  Crane Outrigger Pad 

White,Black,Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange etc     


 The Property of PE,UPE crane outrigger pad

1.Up Easy to mount, replace

2.Reduced downtime.

3.Lower maintenance costs

4.Non-stick surface,easy to clean.

5.15 Percent the weight of st

6.Work in sub zero temperatures

7. to 15,000 pounds per square foot

8.Compressive loads up to one million pound.

9.Corrosion, chemical, wear and moisture resistant.

10.high loading capacity



Product Showcase 



Production Process



  • Fire Trucks                 Utility Trucks
  • Tree Trimmers           Concrete Pumps
  • Cranes Jak                  Lifting crane
  • Any type of Aerial Equipment

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